Publishing History


Sing Soft, Sing Loud: hard cover edition Atheneum, 1989; Paperback edition: Logoría, 1995 – An autobiographical novel based on my experiences on the streets and in prison.  The link is for the paperback edition; the hard cover edition is out of print but used copies are available here and there.

Sing Soft, Sing Loud: Japanese edition, Tokuma Publishers, Tokyo, August 2004

California Song, the French edition of Sing Soft, Sing Loud: Editions Fixot, Paris, France, 1990

Creativity Held Captive: Guidelines for Working with Artists in Prisons: Logoría, 1995 – This book is based on my experience teaching writing workshops in jails and prisons in five states.

The Woman’s Work-At-Home Handbook: Income and Independence with a Computer: Bantam Books, 1986; Out of print, but as of December 18, 2010, two used copies are available on Amazon.  However, most information in this book is now out of date.  I’m still proud of this book, though.  At the time I wrote it, the idea of making a living at home with a computer was a relatively radical idea, and as far as I know, my book was the first to deal with the possibilities.  I wrote it on an Osborne I, the first ‘portable’ computer.  Closed up, it looked like a sewing machine case and weighed 25 pounds.

Editor: Women’s Voices Within: An Anthology of Writings from the Women’s Correctional Facility, Draper, Utah: Utah Arts Council, 1993 – This book is out of print.


The Way We Live: Stories by Utah Women, anthology of Utah women writers, Signature Books, 1994 – “The Way I Live” (title story) – This book is listed on Amazon but Signature Books says it is out of print.  A fine collection from Utah’s best, if you can find a copy in a used bookstore.

Prison Writings in 20th Century America, anthology, Penguin, 1998 – “Sing Soft, Sing Loud” (title story from my book of he same name)

Wall Tappings: An Anthology of Writings by Women Prisoners, Northeastern University Press, 1986 – “Sing Soft, Sing Loud” (title story from novel of the same name). I was interviewed by the author because of my autobiographical novel about women on the street and in jails and prisons, and quotes from me appear throughout.

The Available Press/PEN Short Story Collection, Ballantine, 1985 – “The Aviarian”

Great & Peculiar Beauty: A Utah Centennial Reader, anthology, Gibbs Smith, Publisher, 1995 – “The Floor”

Passages North Anthology, Milkweed Editions, April 1990 – “The Floor”

Touching Fire, An Anthology Of Erotic Writings By Women, Carroll & Graf, December 1989 – “The Triangle”

Selected Tumblewords, anthology, University of Nevada Press, 1995 – “Edna” – Out of print

The Best of Crosscurrents, anthology, 1994 – “The Calling” – Unfortunately, this issue is no longer available.

This is a partial list, including fiction and memoir only.  I have published many columns and articles, too many to list here.

“The Aviarian” – Ten Best PEN Short Stories of 1984; PEN Syndicated Fiction Project, 1984, seven metropolitan newspapers; Invitational reading at Library of Congress, 1985

“On desert water rights, the relevance of literary traditions to interspecies relations, and the Disney Weltanschauung”Desert USA, 2002; Petroglyph, a literary magazine; The PEN Syndicated Fiction Project, multiple newspapers, 1984; The Las Vegas Sun, 1989

“A Life Full Of Murders” – PEN Syndicated Fiction Project, 1984

“Edna” – Sojourner

“The Orderly World of Salvatore Scipio” – Crosscurrents, 1993

“The Calling” – Crosscurrents, 1992

“The Way I Live” – Neon, the literary magazine of the Nevada Arts Council, 1995

Of special pride:
My first published pieces appeared in Turf & Sport Digest, a horse racing magazine now long defunct, when I was thirteen years old.  This early coup was a closely guarded secret for many years, since I didn’t want my parents to know I was cutting school to go to the races. The pieces were: “The Forgotten Man”, a poem about race track swipes (grooms), and “A Day At Old Pimlico”, a humorous essay about missing every race at Pimlico because of buying a hotdog, being in a long line at betting window, going to the restroom, and so on. No, I no longer have copies. I only remember the titles and what they were about.